Nahim Jorge Bonilla

  • Entrepreneur

    April 21, 1988


    Mexico City, Mexico


    35 Years Old



    Other Information

    OccupationEntrepreneur, Founder of Mandrake Miami
    Mandrake Miami, Ruido Callejero Music
    Record LabelRuido Callejero Music
    EducationMarymount academy
    Net Worth23 million (2022)
    ParentsNahim Jorge Cazarin (Father), Adriana Bonilla Haro (Mother)
    SpousesMelissa Granda (m. 2015)


    Nahim Jorge Bonilla (born on April 21, 1988, in Mexico City, Mexico) is an entrepreneur & founder of Mandrake Miami and Ruido Callejero Music. The family of the famous Actor Hector Bonilla Rebentun and owner of the well-known Miami restaurant named Mandrake which is the new hot spot situated in Miami Beach.

    Early life

    Nahim Jorge Bonilla was born in the city of Mexico and stayed all his childhood. At the age of 10, due to different situations, his mother decided to emigrate with him to the city of Montreal, Canada.

    In his early days, Nahim always wanted to be part of the artist industry and follow in the steps of his Great-uncle who was a well-known actor in Mexico, the famous actor and producer Héctor Bonilla Rebentun (March 14, 1943 – 25 November 2022). Therefore, he began to dream of being famous and pursuing different business careers in his teenage years

    Early Entrepreneur Career

    Nahim Jorge Bonilla made his debut as an entrepreneur by opening a Resto-Bar called “Barbe Bleue” (Blue Beard).

    Soon after, he decided to open a nightclub called Ruby WU. The name was chosen in honor of his only female daughter named Ruby. This Latin disco, located in the heart of Chinatown, in Montreal, in just a few months became the favorite nightclub of the Latin community in Montreal. Because of this, Nahim and Melissa, his wife, began to bring in Latin artists, becoming Event Producers for their company called M.E.L. Productions. (MUSIC EVENTS LATINO-AMERICANOS)

    They were the first to bring 4 Latin artists together on stage to perform in the city of Montreal. Something unprecedented since the Latin community is not usually as large as it is in the USA.

    The reggaetoneros they brought were Karol-G, Noriel, Darrell & Almighty brought in by the company to the delight of the Latin American community. Although they not only limited themselves to working with reggaeton artists of the moment but also bachatero artists such as Luis Vargas & Raulin Rodriguez and salseros such as Victor Manuelle & Grupo Niche and several other artists have been brought by the Power couple.

    Current Life

    The power couple quickly grew up as Producers of events and concerts until they won a Latin Award for the best concert of the year. The Latin group “Grupo Niche”, brought by a couple of producers, helped to win this award.
    Focused on concerts, they decided to buy a concert venue, a reception hall that they would call RoseWood. Achieving total success, like all of their projects.

    Its grand opening was celebrated with DJ Kass and his famous song “Scooby-Doo Papa”. A very popular song, mainly in South America.

    Many local artists, influential people, and the entire Montreal Latin community were present at the celebration.

    A few months before the pandemic, the couple received a proposal that would lead them to sell everything in Montreal and move into Miami.

    They bought the waterfront mansion of famous DJ Khaled and acquired the purchase of Mandrake in Miami Beach.

    Personal life

    Nahim Jorge Bonilla come from Mexico. He grew up with his parents Nahim Jorge Cazarin (Father), and Adriana Bonilla Haro (Mother). He is currently married to Melissa Granda (m. 2015). His current collaborator in business. They live in Miami and have 5 children.

    On 9 February 2023, He launched the record label Ruido Callejero Music LLC.

    The couple is always characterized by their refined and luxurious tastes. And also as entrepreneurship and the ambition to achieve each of their goals.

    His arrival in Miami was very successful, making great friendships with artists, producers, actors, singers, influencers, people related to show business, and highly influential politics.


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