Ruido Callejero Music

Ruido Callejero Music

Record label


Privately held company


Record label


9 February, 2023


Nahim Jorge Bonilla, Melissa Granda

Ruido Callejero Music Info
Legal NameRuido Callejero Music LLC
OriginUnited States
Location3914 island estates dr., Aventura, FL, USA, 33160
Key PeopleNahim Jorge Bonilla, Melissa Granda
Parent CompanyMandrake Miami


Ruido Callejero Music is an American Record label company located in Florida, United States. A lot of top artists and upcoming artists will be signed to this record label.


Ruido Callejero Music LLC is an active Floridian business entity incorporated on 9th February 2023. Nahim Jorge Bonilla and Melissa Granda is the founder of this company. Nahim Jorge Bonilla and Samantha Granda are officers of this company.

A night club veteran who is in the music industry since years ago bringing artists to Montreal and today has the new Miami beach hot spot named Mandrake Miami.

Ruido Callejero Music which means “Street Noise” in English which is bringing music from the streets to the world to hear.

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